Many are Ashamed of Hagee and CUFI

"I just don't like playing Christians/Jew vs the Arab world, it's racist and I'm ashamed that John Hagee would do this stuff" said a critic of HAGEE.

Watch the video to find out why

In the video Hagee attempts to brainwash his audience: "They want to die, they don't want to live... They want to die, the don't want to live."

It appears that for Hagee, if Armageddon comes tomorrow, that's one day too late.

Time and again, as I listen to Hagee, he reminds me of Jim Carry - the karate instruction as in this video:

He draws up a picture of Muslims who should behave according to the specific formula he imagines. Hagee is unable to imagine that a Muslim can be non-violent, just as Jim Carrey is unable to imagine an attacker who bends his elbows.

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