Armageddonism, Daniel Pipes, and his "Analysis"

How does Armageddonism affect his analysis of middle east affairs?

There are one of three possibilities:

  1. Either he ignores Armageddonism all-together because he does not know about them; which makes him a pawn in the hands of Armageddonists.
  2. Or he knows of them and allows himself to be used by them; which means they turned him into a survivalist (with their constant talk of everyone is trying to exterminate Jews).
  3. Or he knows of them and attempts to use them for his own ends; in which case it is a case of "the means justify the ends."
Reality is probably somewhere between options 2 and 3. He is likely both a survivalist and attempts to use Armageddonists for his own purposes. Either way, he becomes complicit in their war-mongering and agitation for Armageddon, though he does not himself believe in Armageddon.

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