Hush-hush: Apocalyptic Christians Involved In Planning US Middle-East Policy

...Most of all, apparently, we're not supposed to know the National Security Council's top Middle East aide consults with apocalyptic Christians eager to ensure American policy on Israel conforms with their sectarian doomsday scenarios. [more ...]

Annan Should Call for Healing Process, Not Only of Ending Israeli Occupation

Kofi Annan was in the West Bank Wednesday for meetings with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. At a joint news conference, Annan said ending Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land is the key to peace in the Middle East. Palestinians have a natural right to Israeli citizenship. Annan should call for full democratization of the region. This is the way of true reconciliation and lasting peace.

God Loves the Jews but Not if they work for peace

God loves the Jews, according to fundamentalist theology, but not if they work for peace. Pat Robertson explained that murdered Israeli leader Yitzhak Rabin was killed because he got in the way of God's plans for continued war.
[source: 'Dual Covenant' Christians]

Destruction of Lebanon

Movie: Megiddo - the March to Armageddon

This is a 2 hour movie shows what fundamentalist Christians are hoping for. It asks the question:

What is the significance of World War I and II? Were these birth pangs to prepare the nations for World War III and Armageddon?
It is from a Christian perspective of what they believe will and must happen.

Armageddon Disco

This is a mock video Armageddon. The destruction in the background is really what they fantacize about. The video of course is for humor.

Albert Eienstein vs. Pat Robertson

Mr. Einstein had a view of an Israel which coexists with its neighbors. Mr. Robertson believes Israel must confront its neigbors. Obviously Pat Robertson is no Einstein.

The Peaceful Solution to the Middle-East Conflict

Where are we now, where are we going, and more importantly, where should we be going? Currently, the policy is to recolonize the land of Israel with Jewish settlers from all around the world, while at the same time disenfranchising the non-Jewish locals. For this process to continue, what is required is a holocost or forceful removal of the locals. Never has there been a colonization process which did not involve wiping out the locals. This is what the continuation of the current process entails. This is the rock, what then is the hard place? It is the concept of two states living side by side. This is an impossibility because there can never be a Palestinian state independent of Israel, yet completely surrounded by Israel. This is in reality the a prison camp whose jailers are well paid Palestinians. The real solution lies in the South African model, a single state living in prosperity and tranquility.

The Armageddonites are coming

The ‘Armageddonites’ as some Christian leaders have lambasted their ‘misguided Christian brothers’, have ‘moved from forecasting Armageddon to trying to bring it about’. In practical terms this means acquiescing in Hitler’s holocaust because the near destruction of the Jews, in their eyes, heralds the beginning of the fulfillment of a predetermined fate as outlined in the Bible. [more...]

Iraq must be attacked! God wills it

Here is what a faithful father of a fallen American soldier in Iraq had to say:

"This war is not about Iraqis and Americans, or oil: this is a spiritual war. The people who don't understand that just need to dig into their Bible and read about it. It's predicted, it's predestined. Benjamin understood that the president is a very devouted [sic] Christian. Ben understood that the calling was to go because the president had the knowledge, and understood what was going on, and it's far deeper than we as people can ever really know. We don't get the information that the president gets." In context it's clear that by "information" he wasn't talking about the stuff that passes from the CIA to the White House. This information comes from the guy whom Bush likes to call his "higher Father". As the president said in the closing lines of his acceptance speech at the Republican convention last month, "We have a calling from beyond the stars ..." - a claim that in some societies might lead to a visit from the men in white coats, but in America, among the faithful, is met with rapturous applause.[source]

Pat's secular arguments for religious inspired goal

Example of Pat Robertson's use secular arguments for religious inspired hate mongering cloaked in false piety and decency. Here is an except from Mr. Robertson's address to the National Press Club:

As a former candidate for the Presidency, the founder of a major Christian grassroots political organization, and as a newscaster with forty-three years experience reporting the attitudes of religious people, I believe I am qualified to offer a few suggestions... We were opposed to Detente with the Soviet Union in the 1980's, and we are opposed in 2005 to a policy of silent acquiescence to tyrannical regimes, like Iran and North Korea, which brutalize their citizens and threaten the world with nuclear holocaust.
What is the religious inspired goal? The fulfillment of his interpretation of all biblical prophesies which must come to pass before the second coming of Jesus Christ. This means making sure a confrontation in Armageddon happens by provoking wars.

Reverend Hagee, another Christian voice for War

S.A. pastor a champion for Israel: you must listen to the audio files in which he abuses the bible verses to prophesy that Muslims must be destroyed.

Conservative media seeking signs of Armageddon

Look at these zealots salivating at the possibility of Armageddon.

Pat preaches hate

According to Pat Robertson's doctrine, he preaches "Islam is dedicated to the destruction of America and the killing of the Jews and Christians around the world." What ramifications does this view have on American policy toward Muslims?

Seeing through the fog of language

The Christian right in America adapted to the secular democracy by studying ways of presenting the same information in different ways to different audiences. For example, when they talk of introducing creationism to the classroom, it's called intelligent design so as to not mention God directly. In this way they are masters of presenting secular arguments to advance religious goals. If you examine Jerry Falwell's three reasons why America must support Israel, you find that two of them are secular, and the last is religious:

  • For Humanitarian Reasons.
  • For Political Reasons. The State of Israel has the only true democratic system of government in the entire Middle East and has been America‚’s most faithful supporter in the region.
  • For Religious Reasons. The founding of Israel as a nation in 1948 was ordained of God to provide a homeland for the Jewish people and to prepare for the future return of Jesus Christ. The Abrahamic Covenant demands it.
The first two are echoed throughoutt the media and the third is mentioned only to the religious zealots to keep them motivated. They get their motivation from the third reason and wish to drag the rest of America down their slippery slope using the first two. Of course repetition makes right.

Welcome to the United States of Twilight Zone

According to professor NORMAN FINKELSTEIN, professor of political science at DePaul University, U.S. foreign policy on the middle east is dictated by home grown religious extremists:

"The problem is when you get to the United States. In the United States among those people who call themselves supporters of Israel, we enter the area of unreason. We enter a twilight zone. American Jewish organizations, they're not only not up to speed yet with Steven Spielberg, they're still in the Leon Uris exodus version of history: the “this land is mine, God gave this land to me," and anybody who dissents from this, you can call it, lunatic version of history is then immediately branded an anti-Semite, and whenever Israel comes under international pressure to settle the conflict diplomatically, or when it is subjected to a public relations debacle, such as it was with the Second Intifada, a campaign is launched claiming there is a new anti-Semitism afoot in the world. " [Democracy Now Interview]

Pat Robertson's Apology to Omri Sharon

When you have time, please watch how Pat Robertson hijacks the Christian religion to advocate an Aparthied regime in Israel. This video is actualy his apology to Ariel Sharon's son, Omri Sharon, for saying that Sharon's deteriorating health condition is God's retribution for Sharon being not as extremist as Pat.

Democracy is the Solution

Bringing a genuine democracy to Israel by getting rid of the current gerrymandering democracy and replacing it with a democracy that respects each individual's right to security and happiness without discriminating based on ethnicity or religion. It is a wonder why intelligent people around the world don't realize this and demand a one-man, one-vote system as in South Africa. All the alternatives floated about 2 states living side by side are an impossibility because the Palestinians and Israelis live on the same territory. One territory cannot be governed by 2 governments (unless one of two sides manages to pull off a genocide of the other, as it seems is happening currently).

Jerry Falwell On Why Christians Must Support Israel

Image Hosted by
The good reverend (shown here with Senator John McCain) said* there are three key reasons why Christians must support Israel:

  • For Humanitarian Reasons.
  • For Political Reasons. The State of Israel has the only true democratic system of government in the entire Middle East and has been AmericaÂ’s most faithful supporter in the region.
  • For Religious Reasons. The founding of Israel as a nation in 1948 was ordained of God to provide a homeland for the Jewish people and to prepare for the future return of Jesus Christ. The Abrahamic Covenant demands it.

Falwell presents his reasoning in reverse order than what his real motives are. If for example, it is for humanitarian reasons - isn't everyone human and therefore deserving the same kind of humanitarian treatment?

As for Israel being a democracy at all, that is arguably false, since it in reality is the only remaining apartheid regime in the world, according to intellectuals such as mandella.

Therefore, the only reason Falwell zealously supports Israel is so that it will serve as the landing pad for the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

* Note: (Original source for 3 reasons quoted was here on Falwells website but it is no longer there)

When demons and criminals rule our world

When asked to comment about Israeli invasion of Lebanon, Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State, said, “What we’re seeing here is the … birth pangs of a new Middle East.” How wonderful! When more than a thousand Lebanese people are slaughtered in cold-blood and another million forced to flee [more... ]

Influence of the Christian Lobby

According to Evangelical Christians, there is a war that must happen between the creation of Israel and the return of Jesus. They call it Armageddon; and they enthusiasticaly hope for its coming so that Jesus may return. As a starter, see how active they are when it comes to supporting a destructive Middle East Policy. See this BBC article as an example.