Cry for Palestine, cry for Israel

In the midst of yet another election year and slaughter in Israel's occupied territories. It is important to realize that everyone is a victim. Not only those are injured or maimed, but also those who lose their conscience and moral compass. Not only those who are dispossessed by the occupation, but also those who live in shiny new settlement communities. The Jewish people are as much victims of Hitler as they are of the American Militarists, who have taken a role similar to that of Hitler. The German people were well meaning - just like the Jewish people. The Germans were told they were under attack, so they came to the defense of the motherland. Similarly, Israel is being told that it is under attack. Someone aided, abetted, armed, and pointed Jews at the Palestinians after their terrible treatment at the hands of Hitler. You will find that psychopaths such as John Hagee are pretending to be friends of Israel at the same time that they wish for it to enter into the era of Armageddon and avoid peace so that their perverted interpretation of end times prophesy comes true. They are guilty of

  1. Preying on the fears of the Jewish people.
  2. Sabotaging any hope of peace by stressing to Israel that Palestinians are not to be trusted.
  3. Lobbying to enable Israel to be armed to the teeth.
  4. Creating an atmosphere in which Israel will feel justified in massacring civilians.

Make no mistake about it, even the death of a single person, be he/she Palestinian or Israeli is a tragedy. Cry for Palestine and Israel, especially when those who set up the fight stand on the sidelines gleefully cheering the fulfillment of prophesy which they hope will result in the second coming.