Armageddonism and AIPAC

John Hagee's stated desire is to see Israel engage in an apocalyptic nuclear war with Iran. And before that, he was for war with Iraq for the same reasons. He is not a flip flopper. The logic to the madness is consistent.

AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby, applauds this. It appears that AIPAC members are promoted to positions of leadership due to their allegiance to this Armageddonist vision.

It is possible for individual members to dissent, as Abe Foxman once did. He quickly found himself isolated and ridiculed by the Armageddon crowd when he proclaimed that they essentially they pose the greatest existential threat to Israel.

He only redeemed himself after joining the ranks of the Armageddon crowd and singing the tune of lets attack Iran for the sake of peace.

What I am saying is that AIPAC members are victims of psychological manipulation by Armageddon hawks such as Hagee, Pat Robertson, and other talking heads who get goose-bumps just thinking of the coming of the glory of Armageddon.

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In other news, you will see Fox News pushing the ideas of these cult-like war fantasies to "NEWS" headlines: You might say, well I've read the entire news brief and it seems to be "Fair and Balanced." I say the headline could have read "Armageddonists Hastening the Second Coming."

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