Bush, God, and the Media

While Christian conservatives and hard-line neo-conservatives may see the developments after Sept. 11, 2001 in a positive light (after all, one might say that God and the United States have been given a larger piece of the planet with which to work), all Americans should be leery of any government that merges religiosity into political ends.[full article]

Armageddonists Discussing Islam

It's so lovely to see Armageddonists discussing Islam in such a way as to justify their intended goal of destroying the middle-east in order to bring about the second coming of Jesus Christ.

There will be 1000s of arguments to justify why we must (MUST MUST MUST) destroy Muslims. That is the reason they make these arguments (under the guise of standing up for our values).

One only look at the last 50 years. The absence of actual invasions of Europian countries by Muslims is the reason why they resort to trying to pull arguments from any period in time, pulling out the worst anicdotal evidence, shouting the world is about to crack unless we realize what a danger Muslims are to us.

After watching this clip, the point you should walk away with is that you have to make the connection between their motivation for seeking to prime their audience for war with Muslims and their sick belief in the inevitability of the battle of Armageddon and the tribulations which must afflict the world as part of the series of events leading up to the return of Jesus Christ.

Israel, Islam and Armageddon According to Armageddonists

Armageddonists are all around us

Seemingly normal people who believe in the Armageddon - AKA the destruction of Babylon (Iraq), Persia (Iran), Lebanon, Syria, Kush (Somalia or Sudan, Pat Robertson isn't sure).

The American Muslim

This site has a series of responses to the Armageddonists' accusations against Muslims and Islam.

Fascist leader Hagee depicts Muslims as rabid killers & Jews as Christ killers

John Hagee, the megachurch pastor who is the current face of Christian Zionism in the United States, depicted Jews as Christ killers in a recent interview. Hagee also stated that Muslims have a "mandate" to kill Christians and Jews and that God caused Hurricane Katrina to destroy New Orleans to prevent a scheduled gay parade. [more]

Preaching to the quire

Armageddonists expressing the reasons why Muslims must be destroyed. Very interesting hate filled speaches. It would be nice to see a segment by segment response video posted by a Muslim scholar of note.

Armageddonism & the Justification of Spilling Muslim Blood

Armageddonists draw up arguments in such a way as to make the slaughter of millions of Muslims be an act of self-defence.

It's not unusual for a people who have confused the finite with the infinite - when they equate the created Jesus with the uncreated God; It is not unusual for such a people to blur the line between a possibility which has come to be and a possibility which has not come to be.

It isn't enough for them to misinterpret their own scriptures, but they also delve pretending to understand Muslim scripture, and under the guise of scholarship spread within their ranks the most dishonest interpretation of texts and are content to preach "the barbarians are at the gates and we must kill them or they will kill us" (Rev. John Hagee).

Olberman Mentions "Irrational Right"

In this video, Kieth Olberman mentions the Armageddonists whom he calls the "Irrational Right" as responsible for current Iraq Policy.

Connecting the Dots: Armageddonism and Policy

While researching Armageddon on google, I came across: BUSH WATCH...EVANGELIST BUSH

. It lists many of the reasons why the sway of Armageddonist evangelicals is bad for peace and democracy in America and specifically for Israel and Palestine.


Alan Hart, author of "ZIONISM: THE REAL ENEMY OF THE JEWS", talks about the Armageddon based Christian support for Israel and notes that they are "classic Jew haters" who only support Israel for the purpose of bringing about Armageddon. However he claims that Jews are using Armageddonists to further their goals.

The problem with this analysis is it's like blaming the roosters for getting into a cock-fight. Niether the Jews nor the Palestinians set up the fight. Britain, after WWII was tremendously thirsty for peace. Armageddonism (premillinialism) was popular among the Empire's elite because it was a road-map to bringing back Jesus. And today, if you tune into the popular preachers, Armageddon based prophesy is what they preach.

If anything, Armageddonists used the Jews to further their ends. So Jews are twice victims: They were victimized by Hitler and by the Armageddonists who see them as a tool to bring about the Armageddon.

What's the solution then? It is to break the link. Just as Baath party members were banned from participating in the government; Armageddonists should be distanced from the levers of power; otherwise, they will wreck any democracy they touch.

Who is John Nelson Darby?

John Nelson Darby
John Nelson Darby
British minister John Nelson Darby begins preaching in America. He would create an ingenious theology known as premillennial dispensationalism, which remains the dominant eschatological system in Christianity today. "Dispensationalism" refers to Darby's belief that human history can be divided into a series of epochs, or dispensations, in which God has dealt with humanity in different ways. Darby teaches that biblical prophecy refers to the past and future periods, but is silent on the present "Church Age," which began with Christ's crucifixion. By asserting that God's prophetic clock had temporarily stopped ticking, this "Great Parenthesis" ingeniously preserves prophecy while avoiding the risks of date-setting.

One of the most enduring elements of Darby's system is the Rapture, in which true believers in Christ would travel instantly to heaven, where they would watch the terrible seven-year Tribulation unfold on earth, killing all but a righteous few. His emphasis on the Jews' return to Palestine and his strong reliance on scripture over church authority have also won favor with fundamentalists. [source]