Destruction of Iran is on "todo list" of Armageddon Hawks

Praise the lord! Now that prophesy regarding the destruction of Babylon is fulfilled; Next is the destruction of Persia.

The ratcheting up of rhetoric against Iran comes on the heals of high level officials in the US meeting with extremist religious leaders who promote World War III: Tim Lahaye, Pat Robertson et al.

The group which organized the meeting, "Council for National Policy" was founded by non other than the author of the Left Behind Series. It's not surprising for this rapture Guru to promote attacking Iran with the Rapture as THE exit strategy. This meeting was supposed to be a secret. The irony of it all; A government for the people and by the people, making decisions concerning national policy behind closed doors.

The news blackout wasn't absolute. Among the outlets which covered this story are the fake news show The Daily Show and The Salt Lake Tribune - the comments are worth a read.

The 2002 calendar year Form 990 return filed with the IRS lists the board of Directors as:

  • Donald Paul Hodel President (former Secretary of Energy and former president of the Christian Coalition)
  • Attorney General John Ashcroft (former member)
  • Tommy Thompson, Health and Human Services Secretary (former member)
  • Oliver North
  • Tom DeLay
  • Trent Lott
  • Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Brainwashed by Armageddonists

After much analysis of the wasteland of "expert pundits." I find it necessary to also focus on a those who have been brainwashed by armageddonist propaganda. This would include people who do not believe in the rapture.

They make strange bedfellows with those who do hold on to this extremist belief system.

The reason being: Armageddonists are so good at marketing secular arguments for their religious beliefs.

The rapture as an exit strategy

 Bumper Sticker: Rapture Not Exit Strategy

This bumper sticker pretty much explains the exit strategy espoused by many around us. They have the courage to subject our sons to battle for this agenda. Yet are too cowardly to come right out and say it.

Muslims Spokesman Commenting on Current Affairs

Here is a commentary by Yasir Qadhi on current affairs:

In stark contrast to John Hagee's message of "them against us", and "they don't want to live, they want to die", listen to Yasir address the issue of terrorism.

If you listen closely, you will hear him pointing out that terrorism is the misdirected rage of a small group of Muslims to global political realities. I would argue that this political reality is the Agenda of armageddon based theology which seeks to hasten the second coming through the fulfillment of weird interpretations of bible prophesy.

Armageddonist propagandists have bloody hands when it comes to popularizing this global political reality which Qadhi alludes to. Proponents of Armageddonism, such as Hagee drape themselves in American and Israeli flags to cover up their barbaric goal of hastening Armageddon against Israel, destroying the middle east, and dismantling America's secular democracy so that the reign of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ may replace it.

It may well be that America's perceived best friend may be its worst enemy.

Armageddonism's vicious in logic

"[The Pre-Trib Rapture] is built on a postulate, vicious in logic, violent in exegesis, contrary to experience, repudiated by the early Church, contradicted by the testimony of eighteen hundred years...and condemned by all the standard scholars of every age."
- Nathaniel West (1826-1906), The Apostle Paul and the "Any Moment" Theory, p. 30.

Dick Cheney Meets With Evangelical Group

What were they doing? My guess: Synchronizing watches for the big day of left behind-ness.

The Elephant in the Room Nobody Talks About

A November 2006 article in the National Catholic Reporter, titled Christian Zionists rally in San Antonio notes:

“The dangers of Christian Zionism haven’t been talked about,” said Art Preisinger, a retired Lutheran minister and history professor attending the celebration at Cornerstone Church.

Elesi Nagalu, 41, said that Israel “belongs to the Jewish people. They [Palestinians] might have property deeds, but property deeds don’t mean anything to me.”

This pretty much sums up the Support Israel to speed up the second coming movement John Hagee, Pat Robertson, and other alarmist and armageddonist sinister ministers are teaching their flock.

As of late, their latest project which I call make our weird interpretation of prophesy come true so we can tell our congregation we were right all along, involved picking a fight with Iran.

For several weeks before the vote in the senate, CUFI newsletters have been urging everyone on their mailing list to please call or write the white house urging that Iran should be designated as a terrorist nation.

And this week, they celebrated their victory. Apparently Armageddon hawks got enough senators to believe them to walk in line with their prophetic visions. Epso facto: Iran is on the way to being destroyed. Just as the preacher man predicted. Yaaaaaay.