AIPAC and CUFI; What unites them?

I often wondered how it is possible for AIPAC (a Jewish organization) to be in league with CUFI (an Armageddonist organization).

This is a good topic for a PHD dissertation or for a couple of books.

Your initial reaction would likely be "It's terrorism stupid." But that's hard to buy, especially given the fact that Armageddonists have been talking about restoring Jews to Israel (as a practical matter rather than wishful thinking) before Jews dreamt of doing so. Plus if you look at a book such as "The Zionism of God" by Claude Duvernoy, there are passages claiming that Jews were persecuted across Europe because God wanted them to relocate to Israel. And that if they were not persecuted, they would get too comfortable in their new Babylons. And then he adds an ominous note: "as is the case in America". As if he another round of persecutions in America is needed to motivate Jews to move out of America and settle in Israel. (so that they will throw a bigger welcome party for the Second Coming?)

So why is AIPAC joining hands with CUFI? That's the million dollar question. Here's an attempt to explain the linkage:

At present, Jewish Zionists believe they are using the gullible Christian Zionist. While the Christian Zionist believes he is using the Jew as a tool for fulfilling prophesy; ever instilling in him the threat of annihilation and subjecting him to psychological operations to make him spurn any peace deal with Palestinians. Ever pushing him to attack the enemies whose destruction should (according to their extremist interpretations) usher in the return of the Lord and Savior to rule over the earth for a thousand years.

Other articles worth a look:

Rapture: The End Times Error that Leaves the Bible Behind

This book by David B. Currie demonstrates that alternate readings of prophesy are available and that God's plan for the future of the world doesn't have to be as filled with darkness and disaster as Hagee, Pat Robertson, and Fox News would have us believe.

CUFI in Damage Control Mode

CNN's recent "God's Christian Warriors" put CUFI in damage control mode. They felt that CUFI's message was put across well, except they didn't like being featured in the same venue as "God's Muslim Warriors." CUFI's response in the words of David Brog:

Judaism and Christianity have utterly rejected terror as a tactic. As a result, deaths from terrorism in the name of these two great faiths remain as rare as fatalities on roller coaster rides-- too numerous, but hardly a threat to civilization as we know it.

The contrast with Islamic terror could not be more stark. To cite just one statistic, in the month of July an average of over 110 Iraqis were killed each day in suicide bombings and other acts of Islamic terror. Thus Islamic terror claims more victims in one country in one day than Jewish and Christian terror have claimed worldwide in the course of the past 15 years.

What CUFI doesn't want you to know is that its members were the most pro-war group and played a pivotal role in manipulating politicians into starting the war on Iraq and are currently doing their best to fulfill their interpretation of prophesy which demands that Iran must also be destroyed.

In this sense, CUFI not only promotes a certain perverted world-view, but plays a pivotal role in making it come true. And certainly CUFI's conscience is not bothered by the likelihood of the carnage its brand of "God sponsored" war mongering has caused and will continue to cause if left unchecked.

Seeing world-events through Armageddon Tinted Glasses

Here's what John Van Impe, whose website describes him as "the man known as the 'Walking Bible' and one of the world's foremost prophetic scholars," just look at the supposedly inspired armageddon tinted world-view he promotes to his audience:

Armageddon coalition forming

Syria, Iran and Turkey - three nations depicted in the Bible as forming an endtimes coalition against Israel - have put differences aside to establish themselves as a major regional power center, according to Intelligence Digest.

The prestigious journal warns that if Syria's President Hafez Assad can manage to bring Iraq into this coalition - with or without Saddam Hussein - western influence in the region will be thoroughly undermined. (Ezekiel 38:5)

If this doesn't get you trigger happy to get Armageddon started already, get a load of the answer to this question and answer by Van Imp:

Q: all your studies of the Bible is there any mention of where the United States will be before and after the Rapture? I have head a few pastors say there is no mention of it and some say we won’t be around.
- Kim Peterson

a: The United States will very definitely be around; you can find that in Jeremiah chapters 50 & 51 and Revelation chapter 18.

But, remember when Russia makes that move there are some nations that object and that’s Ezekiel 38:13 “Sheba, and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof…” Look up Sheba in your dictionaries – its Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and they are going to go along with the American nations because Tarshsih there is Great Briton. The symbol for America is the great eagle, but the symbol for Britain in the great lion – and there is Tarshish with all her young lions – the English speaking nations of the world which of course takes in America, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, etc. So yes they will be here.

But there will be mass confusion in America because when the Rapture takes place this is the greatest Christian nation on the earth right now and when the Rapture happens there will be millions taken and there will be mass confusion here in this country.

Terror In Jesus’ Name

This important expose was written by Yoginder Sikand, a journalist from India. He has a Master’s Degree in sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, and a Ph.D in history from the University of London. He concludes:

Christian Zionism is hardly unique in its use of religion for such blatantly political ends, but given the immense clout enjoyed by its advocates today, especially in America, it is a much more menacing threat to world peace than is sometimes imagined and cannot be simply dismissed as the ravings of lunatics on the fringe.
- Terror In Jesus’ Name

Who would you want to stand with at Armageddon?

One need only look at the way Jesse Helms described Bolton, "the kind of man with whom I would want to stand at Armageddon, or what the Bible describes as the final battle between good andevil", to see that Bolton was being sold by the religious connotations of the act. Bolton was a political way of saying "Screw the U.N., we stand with the Christians".


CNN's God Warrior Specials

CNN has a special report out called "God's Warriors" - which seeks to chronicle religious extremism among adherents to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

While well intentioned, it is unfortunate that Christine Amanpoure even bothers to highlight the abortion clinic violence as a form of Christian extremism. This sounds like the answer presidential candidates would give when asked what is your worst shortcoming.

Armageddonists would stand up and say that their worst shortfall is "we love babies so much, that some in our ranks get out of control and attack clinics that do abortion." At the same time they advocate the destruction whole societies including babies in order to hasten the second coming of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

It must be too hot of a topic to highlight the intense desire to destroy Iran among Armageddonists based on false secular pretenses just as they got us into the Iraq debacle under false pretences.

In order to do the subject any justice, Christine should have included in her report people with the following opinion:

God has decreed that this present evil age shall pass away in a flame of fire, death, and judgment. No amount of peace talks, goodwill conferences, or think tanks will be able to change that. -Dennis Pollock, Nuclear Weapons in the End Times

Friends Of Israel and AIPAC Envision "Israel's Final Holocaust" and "Jew Toast"

I found this article by Bruce Wilson with the above title which began with the following words:

In previous installments of an ongoing series, I've examined the beliefs of Pastor John Hagee, founder of "Christians United For Israel", an ostensibly pro-Israel lobby whose members seek to trigger a Mideast conflict they hope will spiral into a devastating world war that will cause Global mass death and the death of 2/3 of Jews in Israel.
-

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Armageddonism's Effect on Mass Media

The Iranian response to the wild myth that Ahmadinejad said he wants to wipe Israel off the map have been ignored by the media.

Here's why I think that happened:

  • The belief system of Armageddonists is vindicated only if Israel has an enemy bent on destroying it.
  • The media wants to give people what they want to hear and therefore ignores what challenges popular opinion because it will be perceived as propaganda.

Ask not why they hate us; Ask why we hate them

If everyone were to focus on the log in their own eye, there would be no need to reach out to "help" remove the splinter from our neighbor's eye.


What if we poke their eye attempting to remove the splinter? What if they poke our eye?

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.