Hagee vs. Carter

The main force behind supporting Israel according to carter: "Well, there’s an inherent commitment in America, which I share as a Christian, of a deep commitment to make sure that Israel is safe and that Israel is free and that they can seek for peace. So there's a strong inclination for all of us to support Israel's continued existence in peace. And that is added onto by the very effective work of the American Israeli group called AIPAC"

Note that AIPAC is just the icing on the cake. AIPAC's leverage comes from exploiting this vast reservoir of the need to see a resurrected Isreael which to many on the religious right and left consider to be the precursor to the second coming.

The fact is though that Carter is a conditional supporter of Israel. That is a giant blemish to Armageddon hawks such as Hagee. Which is why he calls Carter "Israel's Enemy in America."

Jimmy Carter failed to rise to the occasion and criticize Hagee on his theology of bloody destruction.

I'm not sure if this is Carter's way of giving the other cheak, but it seems like he isn't answering Hagee's accusation. I would advise Carter to read this article. Here's an extract:

This pressure for warlike behavior comes from two types of end-time Christians. The "dispensationalists" insist that true believers will be "raptured" into heaven just before a catastrophic war between "left behind" believers and the forces of the Antichrist. "Dominionist" end-timers presuppose that the United States, as a Christian nation, will act as a special representative of God in the final battles. The Dominionists forge on toward the construction, or "reconstruction," of an American theocracy to fulfill God's end-time plan. The two brands cross over and blend. Collectively, they call themselves Christian Zionists to affirm their support of Israel's control over the holy lands.

As war cries from Islamic terrorists and end-time Christians create a danger for ever-expanding religious battles in the Middle East, a small cadre of Christian Jewish and Muslim leaders has become alarmed.

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