Armageddon Satire

Terry JonesFor a bit of light humor, you may want to read this satire about Armageddonists by Terry Jones. It begins with "Those of us who support Armageddon have naturally been greatly cheered by way the US president has embraced our cause."

However, what you will find is that comments on this article have managed to attract both supporters and detractors of this movement. Reading the comments is an educational experience.

Armageddonism and AIPAC

John Hagee's stated desire is to see Israel engage in an apocalyptic nuclear war with Iran. And before that, he was for war with Iraq for the same reasons. He is not a flip flopper. The logic to the madness is consistent.

AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby, applauds this. It appears that AIPAC members are promoted to positions of leadership due to their allegiance to this Armageddonist vision.

It is possible for individual members to dissent, as Abe Foxman once did. He quickly found himself isolated and ridiculed by the Armageddon crowd when he proclaimed that they essentially they pose the greatest existential threat to Israel.

He only redeemed himself after joining the ranks of the Armageddon crowd and singing the tune of lets attack Iran for the sake of peace.

What I am saying is that AIPAC members are victims of psychological manipulation by Armageddon hawks such as Hagee, Pat Robertson, and other talking heads who get goose-bumps just thinking of the coming of the glory of Armageddon.

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In other news, you will see Fox News pushing the ideas of these cult-like war fantasies to "NEWS" headlines: You might say, well I've read the entire news brief and it seems to be "Fair and Balanced." I say the headline could have read "Armageddonists Hastening the Second Coming."

September 15th

There is a Sept. 15 Protest in Washington DC. I have to comment on the reaction of Armageddonists to this event shortly. I will do the research so you don't have to.

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ISRAELI JETS FIRED ON BY SYRIAN FORCES. One has to wonder at the extacy Armageddon hawks must feel at this news. Especially since the Iran nuclear threat appears to be a much repeated topic among this group, just as the WMD issue had been in the case of Iraq.

Hagee vs. Carter

The main force behind supporting Israel according to carter: "Well, there’s an inherent commitment in America, which I share as a Christian, of a deep commitment to make sure that Israel is safe and that Israel is free and that they can seek for peace. So there's a strong inclination for all of us to support Israel's continued existence in peace. And that is added onto by the very effective work of the American Israeli group called AIPAC"

Note that AIPAC is just the icing on the cake. AIPAC's leverage comes from exploiting this vast reservoir of the need to see a resurrected Isreael which to many on the religious right and left consider to be the precursor to the second coming.

The fact is though that Carter is a conditional supporter of Israel. That is a giant blemish to Armageddon hawks such as Hagee. Which is why he calls Carter "Israel's Enemy in America."

Jimmy Carter failed to rise to the occasion and criticize Hagee on his theology of bloody destruction.

I'm not sure if this is Carter's way of giving the other cheak, but it seems like he isn't answering Hagee's accusation. I would advise Carter to read this article. Here's an extract:

This pressure for warlike behavior comes from two types of end-time Christians. The "dispensationalists" insist that true believers will be "raptured" into heaven just before a catastrophic war between "left behind" believers and the forces of the Antichrist. "Dominionist" end-timers presuppose that the United States, as a Christian nation, will act as a special representative of God in the final battles. The Dominionists forge on toward the construction, or "reconstruction," of an American theocracy to fulfill God's end-time plan. The two brands cross over and blend. Collectively, they call themselves Christian Zionists to affirm their support of Israel's control over the holy lands.

As war cries from Islamic terrorists and end-time Christians create a danger for ever-expanding religious battles in the Middle East, a small cadre of Christian Jewish and Muslim leaders has become alarmed.

Osama bin SHUT UP

It is amazing how bin Laden and/or fake Laden manages to pop up around election time to play the role of political pundit. I think the entire world pretty much needs to hear nothing from Osama and company.

I looked up Osama bin SHUT UP and found the article below of interest:

[Armageddonism?] Spying? Torture? Illegal airstrikes? SHUT UP and hate Bin Laden. This was the theme on prison planet.

Hagee Sells Iran Nuclear Threat to Fox News

Listen the Armageddon salesman do his thing.

Armageddonism, Daniel Pipes, and his "Analysis"

How does Armageddonism affect his analysis of middle east affairs?

There are one of three possibilities:

  1. Either he ignores Armageddonism all-together because he does not know about them; which makes him a pawn in the hands of Armageddonists.
  2. Or he knows of them and allows himself to be used by them; which means they turned him into a survivalist (with their constant talk of everyone is trying to exterminate Jews).
  3. Or he knows of them and attempts to use them for his own ends; in which case it is a case of "the means justify the ends."
Reality is probably somewhere between options 2 and 3. He is likely both a survivalist and attempts to use Armageddonists for his own purposes. Either way, he becomes complicit in their war-mongering and agitation for Armageddon, though he does not himself believe in Armageddon.

Many are Ashamed of Hagee and CUFI

"I just don't like playing Christians/Jew vs the Arab world, it's racist and I'm ashamed that John Hagee would do this stuff" said a critic of HAGEE.

Watch the video to find out why

In the video Hagee attempts to brainwash his audience: "They want to die, they don't want to live... They want to die, the don't want to live."

It appears that for Hagee, if Armageddon comes tomorrow, that's one day too late.

Time and again, as I listen to Hagee, he reminds me of Jim Carry - the karate instruction as in this video:

He draws up a picture of Muslims who should behave according to the specific formula he imagines. Hagee is unable to imagine that a Muslim can be non-violent, just as Jim Carrey is unable to imagine an attacker who bends his elbows.

Armageddonists Believe Nuclear War is Pre-Ordained

Apparently, military psychologists have been thinking about the threat of Nuclear War provoked by Armageddonists.

Millions of Americans, primarily premillennialist fundamentalist Christians, believe that God has foreordained a global nuclear war as the precursor to the Second Coming of Christ.
- The Journal of Humanistic Psychology

Therefore, they recommend that psychologists "should be engaged in screening out personnel who are convinced that a nuclear attack against Russia would accord with God's will."

Should this policy not be extended to all personnel involved with middle east policy making? Consider the ramifications of Armageddonists empowered to either support peace in the middle east or war. Would they not opt for war every time because they believe that war is the precursor to the second coming?

13 year old pleads for her generation in front of UN

"Even when we have more than enough, we are afraid to share."

These are the little children we need to plan a safer tomorrow for. One where Armageddon is not instigated.