Overcoming Zionism: A book Armageddonists dare not touch

book cover mediumThis is a book which Armageddonists would never in a million years endorse because they are not interested in peace, reconciliation, or progress. Rather, they are entirely motivated by their desire to see the world end as soon as possible in a war which should wipe out large parts of the Jewish and Arab worlds followed by the second coming of the "Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ," as they say.

Joel Kovel, being a conscious Jew - one who knows the desires of Armageddonists and how they set up Israel to be their Jesus bait - in writing this book which in essence short circuits all the investment of armament and ill-will Armageddonists have spent so far by promoting a paradigm shift from an Armageddon based peace plan to a democratic and unity peace plan. It is indeed a bold thing to say, there are not two sides to this conflict, only one.

Joel Kovel argues that the inner contradictions of Zionism have led Israel to a 'state-sponsored racism' fully as incorrigible as that of apartheid South Africa and deserving of the same resolution. Only a path toward a single-state secular democracy can provide the justice essential to healing the wounds of the Middle East [more...].


SwordsWoman said...

Hi there - thanks for your comment on my Sudan post...it is easy to see what the Janjaweed stand for by their actions of internal and cross border rape and murder on a colossal scale. It is in the interest of the US goverment to maintain strife in Africa even if it means backing their "enemies".

Have you read the book "Zionism - The Real Enemy of the Jews" by Alan Hart?

paradigm said...

I've heard of the book "Zionism - the Real enemy of the Jews" but haven't read it. I saw the google video of its author talking about and I get the jist of where he's going with it. I have a commentary on the book here