Why six imams were pulled from US Airways

The reason six Muslim leaders were pulled from US Airways has to do with suspicions which are mainly fanned not by events at the airport or inside the plane, but rather by rhetoric coming from Armageddonists like televangelist John Hagee, slick Pat Robertson, the esteemed Rep. Virgil Goode, and dittohead Rush Limbaugh.

The chief players however are televangelists who claim to teach people the truth and feed their flock utterly hateful information bordering on the call to genocide on Rawandan radio before the genocide there.

It is highly likely that passengers who believe their Armageddonist teachers' lessons about Muslims will lie in order to thwart the "mandate" of Muslims, which the Armageddonists propound is the destruction of the non-Muslim.

There are many things which passnegers claim they heard from the Imams which are completely out of character for the Imams to say, and the Imams totally reject those allegations as in this article.

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