Unconscious Agents of Armageddonism

There are points of convergence and divergence between any two points of view. This applies to Zionism as well. There is the Jewish Zionist block on one hand and the Christian Zionist block. They agree on the present but disagree on the future.

They each want to see a strong Israel, but for different reasons. For Jewish Zionists, it's all about survival, while Christian Zionists are in it for the Second Coming. For them, a strong Israel is but a stepping stone to Armageddon; which is why "Armageddonist" is a more fitting name for people who hold such an ideology than "Christian Zionist".

The question which poses itself is: which one is using which? Is Jewish Zionism stronger than Christian Zionism so that it can steer it? or is it the other way around and Jewish Zionism is stronger so that it controls Christian Zionism?

From my research, I have concluded that Christian Zionism sawed the seeds of Jewish Zionism and nurtured it till it became a reality. So if this analysis is correct, then Jewish Zionists are acting unwittingly in the service of Christian Zionists.

Palestinians too, by supporting the notion of a separate but equal entity for themselves are aiding the Armageddonist plot. The more conflict Armageddoinsts see, the greater their satisfaction at the unfolding events and the higher their hope for a quick rapture (after a satisfying bout of Armageddon - aka battle for Jerusalem).

By being opposed to supporting a unification plan within Israel, Palestinians are doing themselves a disservice, and their people a disservice since they cannot hope to provide the most basic function of governments: that of providing security for their subjects. In light of this fact, by insisting on getting independence, they get sovereignty over nothing.

Armageddonists are busy lobbying to make sure that there is no such thing as a viable peace plan. As a Rabbi once said, "They are not interested in bringing the two parties to the negotiating table" (or something along those lines), which means they are more interested to see these two sides fight it outside, somewhere around the the area east, west, north, and south of the valley of Armageddon.

Therefore, anyone who contributes to the fulfillment of the Armageddonist goal of further mayhem stands accused of aiding this heresy, either intentionally or accidentally. Either way, the result is disastrous.

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