Alan Hart, author of "ZIONISM: THE REAL ENEMY OF THE JEWS", talks about the Armageddon based Christian support for Israel and notes that they are "classic Jew haters" who only support Israel for the purpose of bringing about Armageddon. However he claims that Jews are using Armageddonists to further their goals.

The problem with this analysis is it's like blaming the roosters for getting into a cock-fight. Niether the Jews nor the Palestinians set up the fight. Britain, after WWII was tremendously thirsty for peace. Armageddonism (premillinialism) was popular among the Empire's elite because it was a road-map to bringing back Jesus. And today, if you tune into the popular preachers, Armageddon based prophesy is what they preach.

If anything, Armageddonists used the Jews to further their ends. So Jews are twice victims: They were victimized by Hitler and by the Armageddonists who see them as a tool to bring about the Armageddon.

What's the solution then? It is to break the link. Just as Baath party members were banned from participating in the government; Armageddonists should be distanced from the levers of power; otherwise, they will wreck any democracy they touch.

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