Problem: Apocalyptic Right's World-View

MUHAHAHAHAHA I was fortunate to come across the web page of Professor Michael Berube, instructor of literature and general studies at Penn State University. He raises many important questions after quoting some Apocalyptic figureheads (whom I call the Sinister Ministers). This was back in 2004 where the Professor observed:

(The religious right is worried about) will Christ return before the “Left Behind” series is finished? Well, this raises all kinds of complex problems, now that I think of it. First of all, what does the Book of Revelations say about fundamentalist-Christian pulp-fiction writers who are trying to complete their Revelations-based book series before they’re raptured into heaven? Does Scripture itself predict whether novels about the Final Days will be published during the Final Days? Do they arrive in bookstores just after the seven-eyed, seven-horned Lamb opens the first of the seven seals (6:1), or do we have to wait until the appearance of the seven-headed, ten-horned dragon (12:3)? Second, when Christ returns, will He hang out for a while-- maybe even serving as an editorial consultant on the remaining “Left Behind” books-- before initiating the series of events leading to the Apocalypse, or will He just be all about the Apocalypse? [click here to read the full article]

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