"March to Armageddon" featured on Falwell's website

"March to Armageddon" is one of the books which Jerry Falwell unfortunately promoted through his website. Ministers such as Falwell help to shape the pro-Armageddon attitude among its followers. Here's what the summary of the book reads:

Bible Prophecy can help you become a more confident Christian because knowing "how the story ends" will help you realize that God has EVERYTHING under control!... This comprehensive, easy to understand and exciting Bible Prophecy course will certainly bless you as you study His Word.
I haven't read the book, but if it follows the hateful ideology of Apocalyptic Christiansis, the book will talk about the following: Israel is living peacefully, not bothering anyone. When all of a sudden, evil nations (guess who) attack it, and then God will destroy them completely because they dared to attack His people. And somehow Jesus will come back to rule for a thousand years, and there will be peace. One kink so far in the plan has been the slowness of those evil nations in attacking Israel, so now it looks like they are coming up with ways of speeding that up by unilaterally & pre-emptively destroyed because it would be too late if we wait for the attack. Brace yourself, this is ugly.

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