Lesson from Billy Graham and Nixon

If you haven’t heard: Minister Billy Graham & President Nixon discussed jews and also of killing a million people in North Vietnam [google it]. Two points to consider:

  1. Graham mentions that he supports Israel but has no love for Jews. Why? Watch his video The Road to Armageddon for answers. This point is key to unlocking the mindset of the Apocalyptic ministers and those they misguide.
  2. Aren’t ministers supposed to advocate peace and love; how does he find the strengh to suggest the killing of a million people?

Because of point #1, it is important to not listen to the whispers of those infected by the Apocalypse desease and to seek solutions without their feedback. They hope for nothing but destruction, they hear nothing but themselves, and learn nothing from history. Israel would be well advised to shun them, and the Palestinian to take note of their intentions.

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