CNN's God Warrior Specials

CNN has a special report out called "God's Warriors" - which seeks to chronicle religious extremism among adherents to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

While well intentioned, it is unfortunate that Christine Amanpoure even bothers to highlight the abortion clinic violence as a form of Christian extremism. This sounds like the answer presidential candidates would give when asked what is your worst shortcoming.

Armageddonists would stand up and say that their worst shortfall is "we love babies so much, that some in our ranks get out of control and attack clinics that do abortion." At the same time they advocate the destruction whole societies including babies in order to hasten the second coming of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

It must be too hot of a topic to highlight the intense desire to destroy Iran among Armageddonists based on false secular pretenses just as they got us into the Iraq debacle under false pretences.

In order to do the subject any justice, Christine should have included in her report people with the following opinion:

God has decreed that this present evil age shall pass away in a flame of fire, death, and judgment. No amount of peace talks, goodwill conferences, or think tanks will be able to change that. -Dennis Pollock, Nuclear Weapons in the End Times

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