AIPAC and CUFI; What unites them?

I often wondered how it is possible for AIPAC (a Jewish organization) to be in league with CUFI (an Armageddonist organization).

This is a good topic for a PHD dissertation or for a couple of books.

Your initial reaction would likely be "It's terrorism stupid." But that's hard to buy, especially given the fact that Armageddonists have been talking about restoring Jews to Israel (as a practical matter rather than wishful thinking) before Jews dreamt of doing so. Plus if you look at a book such as "The Zionism of God" by Claude Duvernoy, there are passages claiming that Jews were persecuted across Europe because God wanted them to relocate to Israel. And that if they were not persecuted, they would get too comfortable in their new Babylons. And then he adds an ominous note: "as is the case in America". As if he another round of persecutions in America is needed to motivate Jews to move out of America and settle in Israel. (so that they will throw a bigger welcome party for the Second Coming?)

So why is AIPAC joining hands with CUFI? That's the million dollar question. Here's an attempt to explain the linkage:

At present, Jewish Zionists believe they are using the gullible Christian Zionist. While the Christian Zionist believes he is using the Jew as a tool for fulfilling prophesy; ever instilling in him the threat of annihilation and subjecting him to psychological operations to make him spurn any peace deal with Palestinians. Ever pushing him to attack the enemies whose destruction should (according to their extremist interpretations) usher in the return of the Lord and Savior to rule over the earth for a thousand years.

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