Armageddonists - similar to Hitler's 3rd Reich

Christian Zionists (Armageddonists), despite all their professed love for Israel, share a central theme in common with Hitler's 3rd Reich: that a point in time exists when the role of Jews in History will end.

Because Nazi Germany believed that point had passed, they attempted to wipe out Jews through genocide; Armageddonists, on the other hand, disagree only about when the role of Jews in history will end. Not if, but when it will happen. They believe that there is one more mission for Jews: to fight the battle of Armageddon in order to fulfill their extremist interpretation of prophesy which once fulfilled leads to the return of Jesus Christ.

The role of Palesinians and Arabs in the region is to be destroyed completely in the battle of Armageddon so that God's glory may be known. At this point also, the role of Jews in history ends and they must accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour or die. This is why Armageddonists write books such as "Countdown Jerusalem." The countdown to the end of the role of Jews in History.

If they were to whisper advice into Hitler's ear, it would be "Not yet, now is not the time."

Therefore, it is time for everyone living in Israel to talk about living together in a United State of Israel-Palestine, rather than playing along with the Armageddonist game of let's talk peace and do war till Jesus Christ comes back to sort out the situation.

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