Famous Armageddonist: Lord Balfour & Woodrow Wilson

“After the Reformation, there was a small group of Christians who began to read the Bible much more literally. They were opposed to making it abstract. So when they read the word Israel, this meant a real biological people, the descendents of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. If Israel means the Jews, the Bible is a Zionist document because the Bible says the Jews will inherit the land of Israel.

Accordingto Brog, the rejection of replacement theology meant that in order for a Christian to do God’s will on earth, he must bless the Jewish people.

“Now, what was always a minority group in Europe, became a majority group in America. The dominant strain of Christianity in America today is still evangelical,” emphasized Brog.

Evangelusm’s historical impact

In his book, Brog writes of three world leaders who, because of their belief in the Jewish biblical right to the land of Israel, expedited the establishment of the State of Israel: Lord Balfour, Woodrow Wilson, and Harry Truman. While a big supporter of Israel, it is unclear if Truman was an evangelical (of the Armageddonist brand).

Source: A blessing or a curse? American evangelists explained. A conversation with David Brog, a Rabbi who is executive director of Christians United For Israel, an evangelical Christian lobby group lead by popular Pastor John Hagee, demystifies intentions, beliefs of 'Zionist Christians' and their support for Israel David Brog

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