Palestinian Christian Resonse to Armageddonism

I found this article to be of interest. Here's an excerpt:

Describing the Evangelical Zionist's immoral and heretical interpretation of biblical prophetic and apocalyptic texts, Rev. Michael Prior concludes that the god of such revelation is a "militaristic and xenophobic genocidist..."

Apocalyptic Genocide is exactly what John Nelson Darby had in mind when he began preaching in the 1800s that Jews should be restored to Jerusalem. At that time, he was rebuffed by Jewish leaders since they lead prosperous lives in Europe. But after the mayhem and panic caused by the the Nazi crimes, Jews were more willing to take up the offer and join hands with Armageddonists to embark on the Zionist experiment.

At present, Jewish Zionists believe they are using the gullible Christian Zionist. While the Christian Zionist believes he is using the Jew as a tool for fulfilling prophesy; ever instilling in him the threat of annihilation and subjecting him to psychological operations to make him spurn any peace deal with Palestinians. Ever pushing him to attack the enemies whose destruction should (according to their extremist interpretations) usher in the return of the Lord and Savior to rule over the earth for a thousand years.

This is why Ronald Reagan said, "We may be the generation that sees Armageddon"

This is why the little boy in the Jesus Camp documentary says, "I believe my generation is key to Jesus coming back"

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