Book About Christian Zionism

I was looking at the comments on the book, "Christian Zionism: Road-Map to Armageddon?, wherein a reviewer writes:

"In fact, as Sizer (the author) shows, the existence of the state of Israel today would be unthinkable without the inspiration and support of Christian Zionists in Britain and America."
Here's an excerpt from Chapter 4 (The Political Implications of Christian Zionism):
  1. The Chosen People: Supporting Israeli Colonialism
  2. Restorationism: Facilitating Aliyah from Russia and Eastern Europe
  3. Eretz Israel: Sustaining the West Bank Settlements
  4. Jerusalem: Lobbying for International Recognition
  5. The Temple: Identifying with Religious Zionism
  6. The Future: Opposing Peace and Hastening Armageddon
  7. The Political Implications of Christian Zionism: Conclusions
You can find a full listing of chapters here.

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