Seeing through the fog of language

The Christian right in America adapted to the secular democracy by studying ways of presenting the same information in different ways to different audiences. For example, when they talk of introducing creationism to the classroom, it's called intelligent design so as to not mention God directly. In this way they are masters of presenting secular arguments to advance religious goals. If you examine Jerry Falwell's three reasons why America must support Israel, you find that two of them are secular, and the last is religious:

  • For Humanitarian Reasons.
  • For Political Reasons. The State of Israel has the only true democratic system of government in the entire Middle East and has been America‚’s most faithful supporter in the region.
  • For Religious Reasons. The founding of Israel as a nation in 1948 was ordained of God to provide a homeland for the Jewish people and to prepare for the future return of Jesus Christ. The Abrahamic Covenant demands it.
The first two are echoed throughoutt the media and the third is mentioned only to the religious zealots to keep them motivated. They get their motivation from the third reason and wish to drag the rest of America down their slippery slope using the first two. Of course repetition makes right.

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