Pat's secular arguments for religious inspired goal

Example of Pat Robertson's use secular arguments for religious inspired hate mongering cloaked in false piety and decency. Here is an except from Mr. Robertson's address to the National Press Club:

As a former candidate for the Presidency, the founder of a major Christian grassroots political organization, and as a newscaster with forty-three years experience reporting the attitudes of religious people, I believe I am qualified to offer a few suggestions... We were opposed to Detente with the Soviet Union in the 1980's, and we are opposed in 2005 to a policy of silent acquiescence to tyrannical regimes, like Iran and North Korea, which brutalize their citizens and threaten the world with nuclear holocaust.
What is the religious inspired goal? The fulfillment of his interpretation of all biblical prophesies which must come to pass before the second coming of Jesus Christ. This means making sure a confrontation in Armageddon happens by provoking wars.

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