Jerry Falwell On Why Christians Must Support Israel

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The good reverend (shown here with Senator John McCain) said* there are three key reasons why Christians must support Israel:

  • For Humanitarian Reasons.
  • For Political Reasons. The State of Israel has the only true democratic system of government in the entire Middle East and has been AmericaÂ’s most faithful supporter in the region.
  • For Religious Reasons. The founding of Israel as a nation in 1948 was ordained of God to provide a homeland for the Jewish people and to prepare for the future return of Jesus Christ. The Abrahamic Covenant demands it.

Falwell presents his reasoning in reverse order than what his real motives are. If for example, it is for humanitarian reasons - isn't everyone human and therefore deserving the same kind of humanitarian treatment?

As for Israel being a democracy at all, that is arguably false, since it in reality is the only remaining apartheid regime in the world, according to intellectuals such as mandella.

Therefore, the only reason Falwell zealously supports Israel is so that it will serve as the landing pad for the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

* Note: (Original source for 3 reasons quoted was here on Falwells website but it is no longer there)

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