Palestinian Doctor Endorses One State Solution

A Palestinian Doctor Ghada Karmi, who wrote the book entitled "Married to Another Man", was interviewed on Democracy Now today, where she endorsed a single democratic state solutions for Israel. A state where both ethnic Jews and non-Jews enjoy equal rights under the law. She asked a question whose answer she did not know. Her question was "Why on earth are we tolerating the situation which we have now, in which Jews are saying 'we as Jews have a right to this territory'? " [1]

In her view, the insistence on the part of a group to say that "we have a right to a place where only we can live" is the wrong solution. That racial exclusivity - is in the model of western secular democracies. She explains "We must challenge any states "

This "we" she refers are the enablers of the current situation in the West. Namely, its original proponents in Britain, and then those who follow in their footsteps in America. The original proponents for this movement are John Nelson Darby and his students. Their end times scenario expects an epic battle in Israel, which is why they wanted to have a Jewish state created so that it may partake in this battle which they believe is the destiny of the reason for the existence of the Jewish state. This mind set naturally believes Palestinians and Jews must be the collateral damage in the process of the fulfillment of God's plan, which they sometimes call the birth-pangs of the return of the Lord.

That was Britain before the creation of Israel. What about now? At this late day in 2008, why do we tolerate this situation? The answer is that most of us have unconsciously played into the agenda of rapturists. Our mistake is that we fail to grasp the important contribution that Armageddonist personalities have had in creating the problem. And we are mainly concerned with the symptoms rather than the disease.

To be perfectly clear, personalities such as Hagee are pushing the agenda of Armageddonism under the guise of supporting Israel. While in fact they work toward the realization of their prophetic ideology which expects war in the Middle East; And destruction for Israel as a Jewish state. They believe this as the inevitable destiny; and in the mean time, they will look you straight in the face and profess unflinching love for Israel. This is no love of Israel - it's only love for what they expect to happen after Israel's destruction. This is the supernatural purpose they zealously guard. It is because we have not called them out on this, that they will continue to drag us behind them. That is why we do not support a single state solution.

It's because these personalities use arguments which are inspired by their hard-line religious conviction, but presented in secular rationale. That is why we continue to tolerate the current state of affairs.

Jewish Zionists did not begin saying "we have a right to a state where only we can live" till they were told by Armageddonist Zionists such as John Nelson Darby that "you have a right to a state where only you can live."

Until we make that connection, we will never have the answer to Dr. Ghada Karmi's question, "Why on earth are we tolerating the situation which we have now."

------------------------------ References [1] See Democracy now broadcast, segment at time: 45min

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