As McCain basks in Hagee endorsement; Clinton and Obama Reach out to Hagee Supporters

Hagee calls himself the biggest supporter of Israel. To the secular crowd he praises its democratic credentials. And to the faithful, he preaches its significance as Jesus bait according to his version of prophesy.

Hagee's love for Israel, however is only skin deep. His vision for Israel includes the Jews converting due to the second coming, and does not include a future of Israel remaining a Jewish state. This vision of Jews as the people needing to be perfected through an impending violent war is part and parcel of what Hagee is about.

When Obama and Clinton make strong calls regarding Israel's security as top priority, or as "sacrosanct" while at the same time leaving Hagee's endorsement of McCain uncriticized is both a tacit envy for the support of Hagee's faithful followers, and a promise to continue this march to Armageddon that Hagee and his crowd have been advocating.

Here are a few reasons why Obama and Clinton should be critical of the McCain's acceptance of the Hagee endorsement:

  • TV Evangelist John Hagee Wants War With Iran
  • On more than one occasion, Hagee flat out says he is against American foreign policy if American policy is not in line with his weird end-time war-mongering ideology. This means Hagee is anti-American.

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