It's the Rapture Stupid: Explaining the Robertson-Giuliani Alliance

According to Pat Robertson, the reason he supports pat has more to do with fighting Islamic extremism than any domestic policy.

We all know that when it comes to foreign policy, that Pat Robertson's only concern is to follow current events and point out where, how, and when end time prophesies are being fulfilled.

Clearly, Giuliani's view of Israel's future falls in line with that of Robertson. Which is why nothing else matters when it comes to whom Pat Robertson will support. In Robertson's view, peace is bad for Israel. The future is in the apocalypse. Any talk of peace by the surrounding countries is pure propaganda.

The only road-map to peace Robertson condones is one that passes through the Rapture and the Apocalypse. And so when Robertson talks about the Islamic Terrorist blood lust, his world-view is informed by a blood lust of his own. His own blood lust makes him blind to non-violent solutions to world problems. To Robertson, any calls for a the peaceful coexistence of Palestinians and Israelis is tantamount to treason against God.

And so Robertson's endorsement of Giuliani shows that nothing is as great a sin as betraying the path to peace through the Rapture. This issue is greater than abortion and gay marriage combined.

This rapturist theology is what binds Rudy and Pat. This is the theology Pat Robertson preaches day in and day out. Public officials cannot pronounce their allegiance to the rapture because America will vote it down at the polls. This allegiance is implied to the faithful when the candidate simply stands in friendship with the spokesmen for Armageddon.

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