Desmond Tutu Discusses the Only Apartheid Regime in the Middle East

While saying the situation in Israel is similar to aparthied in many ways, Desmond Tutu called for a two state solution:

"We believe in a two-state solution of two sovereign, viable states, each with contiguous borders, guaranteed as secure by the international community. "

While well intentioned, Tutu's solution is in fact a half baked potato. If in fact there is a two state solution, what would happen to those Jews who want to live on the Palestinian side of the border? What about the Palestinians who now call Israel home? Are they supposed to reciprocate refugees? Clearly this is not tenable. Especially since both sides share the same cities as "home."

The obvious solution is to create a United States of Israel-Palestine. A two state solution just gives Armageddonists a target for destruction. A one state solution is civilized. A two state solution is a throw back to the dark ages.

The most powerful message Tutu had to deliver was to the Jewish conscience:

Be not opposed to the God whose Spirit, when it anoints you, makes you concerned for the poor. This is your calling. If you disobey that calling, if you do not heed it, then as sure as anything one day you will come a cropper. You will probably not succumb to an outside assault militarily. With the unquestioning support of the United States of America, you are probably impregnable. But you who are called are they who are called, asked to deal with the oppressed, the weak, the despised, compassionately, caringly, remembering what happened to you in Egypt and, much more recently, in Germany. Remember and act appropriately. If you reject your calling, you may survive for a long time, but you will find it is all corrosive inside, and one day, one day, you will implode.

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