Muslims Spokesman Commenting on Current Affairs

Here is a commentary by Yasir Qadhi on current affairs:

In stark contrast to John Hagee's message of "them against us", and "they don't want to live, they want to die", listen to Yasir address the issue of terrorism.

If you listen closely, you will hear him pointing out that terrorism is the misdirected rage of a small group of Muslims to global political realities. I would argue that this political reality is the Agenda of armageddon based theology which seeks to hasten the second coming through the fulfillment of weird interpretations of bible prophesy.

Armageddonist propagandists have bloody hands when it comes to popularizing this global political reality which Qadhi alludes to. Proponents of Armageddonism, such as Hagee drape themselves in American and Israeli flags to cover up their barbaric goal of hastening Armageddon against Israel, destroying the middle east, and dismantling America's secular democracy so that the reign of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ may replace it.

It may well be that America's perceived best friend may be its worst enemy.

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