The Elephant in the Room Nobody Talks About

A November 2006 article in the National Catholic Reporter, titled Christian Zionists rally in San Antonio notes:

“The dangers of Christian Zionism haven’t been talked about,” said Art Preisinger, a retired Lutheran minister and history professor attending the celebration at Cornerstone Church.

Elesi Nagalu, 41, said that Israel “belongs to the Jewish people. They [Palestinians] might have property deeds, but property deeds don’t mean anything to me.”

This pretty much sums up the Support Israel to speed up the second coming movement John Hagee, Pat Robertson, and other alarmist and armageddonist sinister ministers are teaching their flock.

As of late, their latest project which I call make our weird interpretation of prophesy come true so we can tell our congregation we were right all along, involved picking a fight with Iran.

For several weeks before the vote in the senate, CUFI newsletters have been urging everyone on their mailing list to please call or write the white house urging that Iran should be designated as a terrorist nation.

And this week, they celebrated their victory. Apparently Armageddon hawks got enough senators to believe them to walk in line with their prophetic visions. Epso facto: Iran is on the way to being destroyed. Just as the preacher man predicted. Yaaaaaay.

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