Christopher Hitchens

I started reading up on Hitchens after viewing his commentary on the legacy of Jerry Falwell. Somehow he manages to both hate Falwell and support the Iraq war. Any ideas why? From watching the video below, you make your own conclusion:

My conclusions from watching this video:

  • Hitchen's world-view although purportedly secular, picks up where Armageddonists leave off especialy about the motives of Israel's neighbors.
  • Adopts the "Conflict of Civilizations" world-view, which itself is a darling book of the Armageddonists. Example "The fascist side of Islam wants to export the fight o where we are so they could win it." He does not consider the ramifications of the Armageddonist agitation as the source of the problem, rather the reaction to it is what he considers the source of the Islamic threat.
  • Supports a two state solutions; ie separate but equal rather than a one shared state for all.

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