Armageddonist in Secular Clothing

What if a congressman or representative were to come out and say, "I only care about national security. And all my decisions are based solely on secular considerations; my religious views have nothing to do with policy making decisions."

Is this person really secular? Or an Armageddonist in secular clothing?

To answer this question you need to address not only how to neutralize national security threats, but also how this threat came to be.

If you think of the national security threat as a flooded swamp. Solving the threat means clearing the swamp. It doesn't make sense to just pump out the water. You need to cut off the various streams which replenish the swamp. If you don't do this, you will end up having to clear the swamp endlessly. Just when you think you are done, here it fills up again.

It is madness to keep doing the same thing, yet expect different results.

This is the example of the policy maker who asserts his/her desire to eliminate national security threats, yet fails to cut off the sources whose sole intent is to exacerbate the threats.

What if a small group of evil people wanting to destroy the middle-east for the purpose of fulfilling Bible-Prophesy in hopes of bringing back Jesus Christ were instrumental in maintaining the blockade over Iraq which resulted in the deaths of something like a million people.

Suppose that the Iraqis did not like that and that certain individuals who sympathized with them were to inflict violent acts toward our country because of it.

There should be no doubt that we must defend ourselves from the threats coming at us. Equaly, we must not give a free pass to those who hide behind a moral agenda in order to direct our foreign policy in ways which seek to fulfill their odd interpretations of prophesy. To them, Armageddon is a mission to be accomplished; not merely prophesy to be observed.

Of course Armageddonists are free to believe as they want. However, it is shameful that secular people tolerate people with such frames of mind to control foreign policy. Suppose that the so called secular leaders knew about these people's goals and desires; yet neither criticized them nor tried to warn of the danger they pose.

Does that not mean that the so called secular leaders are more unpatriotic that the religious zealots who hope to bring about Armageddon; simply because they provide the cover under which Armageddonists will destroy our society from within?

Think about it.

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