As Gaza burned, TBS featured programs on Petra

rinity Broadcasting Network (TBS) featured a prophesy inspired documentary about Petra as Gaza burned. Aparently they believe it has relevance to current events.
File:Entrance to Petra.JPG Entrance_to_Petra

Petra, they claim, will be a place of refuge for Israel when the Arabs join in a coalition with Gog and Magog to come and destroy God's chosen people. This is the war TBS and CUFI believe they are waging.
They see only through one eye and are blind to the reality on the ground where over a million people are cramped into refugee camps. And where there are Palestinian Israelis living peacefully inside Israel. It's not that the two sides cannot live peacefully together. It's that Palestinians cannot accept life in refugee camps peacefully. They want to believe that Arabs want a Holocaust of Jews. Based on this belief as a starting point, they make defense preparations. This is why they stress Israel's right to self defense.
Bill Moyers has this excellent documentary which offers a glimpse at their ideology and into the high level of access they have to policy makers in the United States.

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