NY Times Reporter Equates Armageddonism w/Anti-semitism

New York Times reporter Chris Hedges equates the arguments of Armageddonists with Hitler's anti-semitism:

"They don't commit crimes; they have things inherently built into their character. I mean, it's very much like anti-Semitism. And the only way to get rid of it is to eradicate it, because to be a Jew, to be a Serb, to be a Muslim is to have these qualities that destroy our civilization, and we must, therefore, destroy them." [continue reading this article...]
Take this analysis, and listen to John Hagee, pastor of a San Antonio Mega-church, as he tells his audience "either we kill them (Muslims) or they kill us." The violence he beckons his followers to is chilling. The fact that other leaders don't denounce his statements is the real danger.

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