Artist Draws Picture of American Fundamentalists

"I painted this because I got really pissed off. And the angrier I got, the more I read about these folks and the more I researched this before I actually began painting it, and saw how connected so many of these people were, and how just because all of the guys in that corner had a lot of money, and they were putting it in to start cable networks for these guys, and research foundations so they could have titles in their names for all the guys in the center." -Joel Pelletier

"In American politics, people like Tom DeLay, the Majority leader in the House, has stated, "Only Christianity offers a way to live in response to the realities that we find in the world - only Christianity." And the result is, if you add his power in the House to the money behind that power, and you add to that Tim LaHaye, who is the coauthor of the apocalyptic "Left Behind" novels, and Congressman Dick Army and Howard Phillips and Ralph Reed and Jesse Helms, all of whom belong to a group of Fundamentalist Christians that bring George W. Bush in as a speaker. And you bring these two delusional mythologies together - the Right Wing NeoCons following the delusion of Strauss, and the Right Wing Christian Zionists following the delusions of the interpretations of the Book of Revelation, and you find an incredible solid base of power in the administration that is currently in office in Washington DC." -Willian Cook more... (click here to see the art-work)

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