Sean Hanity & Rush Limbaugh: Distorted world-views

Religious dogma fogging up prospect for peace. Sean Hanity, a right wing radio talk show host, interviewed the Jeff Rosenberg, about his new book, the Ezekiel Option. To the mainstream, this book is marketed as just a harmless fiction. In reality it is about giving prophetic support to the idea that

  • It's God's plan to create the state of Israel.
  • Those who support a different type of Israel (than the present gerrymandered 'democracy') are in fact anti-God, and therefore evil.
  • The evil anti-Israel countries will be destroyed according to prophesy.
  • Jesus Christ will return after that destruction.
  • Our foreign policy must be crafted so that we are against evil, hence we should support the destruction of the countries prophesy says will be destroyed..

How does the right media react to this: wild applause. How does the leftist liberal media react to this: as if it doesn't exist.

Wake up people. These people have a distorted vision of the world. They dictate policy based on it. If they are not countered, they will certainly deliver the rest of us to hell in a hand basket.

Rosenberg says to Sean Hanity about the purpose of the Ezekiel Option:

"Anyone listening to your show today I think will resonate with the Ezekiel Option; because it's a political thriller, but it certainly comes from a Christian and a Jewish perspective on world events... Really at the heart of these books is the fear that if you don't understand the nature and threat of evil, a person risks being blind-sided by it. That's what happened on 9/11. And we cannot afford to be blind-sided again by Iran, by Russia, by Syria, or honestly by those in Washington who have a modern secular liberal perspective who may not see evil until it hits them."

US News calls him: "A modern Nostradamus."

And Sean Hannity of course just adores this guy and treats him as a prophet, not just an author saying "You're very gifted and talented. There's something that's just eerie about how your book fits into current events."

And citing his previous fictional books, Joel Rosenberg gloats about his predictions in those books (suggesting he has an uncanny ability to look into the future in his fictional writings so the audience better treat his writings are prophetic):

"I rightly predicted the death of Yasser Arafat and Saddam is gone."
- Interview with Sean Hannity

Rush Limbaugh gives an enthusiastic two thumbs up for this book on the back cover, saying "If you only read one book this year, let it be this one." This is printed on the back cover of this armageddonist book. By a major right-wing talking-head. Think what that means to all the ditto-heads.

You may be interested to hear the interview Rush did with Rosenberg. Rush practically gloats that Rosenberg once worked at his headquarters - rather than being embarassed that such a strang ideology flourished in his own backyard.

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